Getting started

A React library that allows inline editing on HTML5 input components

📝 Features

  • Supports input (most types, even inputs with datalist), textarea and select HTML types

  • Validates user input via a user-defined validation function

  • Allows customisation on all elements including the save and cancel buttons

  • Supports custom editComponent and custom displayComponent for each type


With NPM

$ npm i react-easy-edit

With Yarn

$ yarn add react-easy-edit

... and that's it, you are ready to go.

A simple example - Textbox

React-easy-edit supports most html input types like text, number, color, date, datetime-local,time , month, week, radio, email, checkbox,range ,datalist as well as textarea and select

import React, { Component } from 'react';
import EasyEdit, {Types} from 'react-easy-edit';

function App() {
  const save = (value) => {console.log(value)}
  const cancel = () => {console.log("Cancelled")}

  return (
      saveButtonLabel="Save Me"
      cancelButtonLabel="Cancel Me"
      attributes={{ name: "awesome-input", id: 1}}
      instructions="Star this repo!"

If you want to just play around with this library, feel free to try the sandbox here!

📜 Licence

Copyright © 2023 George Artemiou.

This project is MIT licensed.

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